Hello, world.

Okay, so I'm pregnant and on a mission to make the healthiest baby ever. So I've spent the past 38.5 weeks researching baby (and mama) health and well-being. And herein, I will share the results of my borderline-OCD search. I will also try to reduce the number of manila folders floating around my house. Promise.

For a combination of reasons (saving $$, health/environmental concerns, fun), I am also making a million things for the baby and will be sharing some of my work. I am pretty much untrained, not counting high school home ec, so I gravitate toward really easy projects or projects that don't necessarily require a ton of specialized skill to be attractive and/or functional (think glue + felt). I will do my best to provide lots o' step-by-step instructions and photos for others with crafty leanings/longings and a similar lack of expertise. I also will be linking to an occasional higher-level project that I love in hopes that some kind soul will (a) make it for me or (b) tell me how to do it.

I have been so, so, soo inspired by all of the amazing crafty women out there who are making and blogging! (I'm sure there are some men, too, but I haven't really come across them yet.) Many of my projects come from their patterns or are my own takes on their work, and I will be sure to provide links to their sites.

So welcome, and enjoy.

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