Cutesy daisy magnets

So our friends Kate & Don threw us an amazing baby shower here in Atlanta recently. Fabulous food (including basil lemonade and a fruit salad with pomegranate seeds, both of which I am still obsessing about), good friends, and even a couple of adorable babies. What more can a pregnant lady ask for? (Comfortable shoes? Portable air-conditioner? But I digress.) They decorated with adorable little daisies and tiny green mums.* So, as my little thank-you gift to our guests, I whipped up some daisy magnets.

Get it:
White felt
Yellow felt
Yellow thread (optional)
Needle (optional)
Magnets (or magnet tape, which I found at Hancock Fabrics)

Do it:
Make a template for the white petals. I just freehanded a drawing on a piece of thin cardboard. Cut out the required number of flowers from the white felt. Cut out the same number of circles from the yellow felt (I freehanded all of these because I wanted the magnets to be sort of unique and homemade-looking).

I sewed each yellow circle to the white flower, but you could just as easily glue them together. Also, I realllly wanted to use bright-green thread for the sewing, but settled for yellow because I didn't have any green. Boo. Orange would be cute, too.

After that's all done, glue a magnet to the back of each flower. I used the magnet tape, and then a few days after I made it, my prototype flower fell right off of the magnet. So then I reinforced them with extra glue.

Voila! Enjoy, people!

* On a random side note, we had two showers & neither was blue-themed! (We're expecting a boy.) Hallelujah! We did get a lot of blue clothes, though, so I guess you can't win 'em all. Not that I'm anti-blue, I just never wanted to dress my boy all in blue & my girl all in pink. In fact, I'm wearing a blue dress right now and I'm not even a man! See how that works, baby product people?

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